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Multiply and Unite:More intuitive means of combining and uniting parts within a drawing. Users can navigate between and manipulate components in a way that was previously impossible. (video: 1:05 min.)Designing and Using Audio Workstation:One of the greatest ways to communicate with your customers, and one of the most effective ways to train new users, is to record video training sessions and post them online. AutoCAD now offers audio recording and basic editing functions for video that you can leverage to your advantage. (video: 1:33 min.)New UI (User Interface):Since we are in an era of mobile and multi-platform apps, AutoCAD’s UI has been optimized to make it as easy as possible to design, share and collaborate on your drawings from your tablet or phone.The New Dynamic Help Center:The help center was a huge missed opportunity. We felt that the help center, which was not customizable, did not allow users to keep a personal library of their knowledge and workspaces. So we have built a new dynamic help center that allows users to store libraries and work spaces they create and store them in their personal help center, including favorites, favorite links, collections and tags.Faster Performance:Designed for a more productive CAD workflow, AutoCAD is now faster than ever. It is now faster for faster users and it is faster for many new users.Comments:Download the full CAD 2023 document or all of the Quick Start Tips to jump right into the new features.Q:How to convert shapefile to GeoTIFF with gdalwarp?I have a shapefile that has multi-geometries. I would like to convert it to GeoTIFF with gdalwarp to be able to read it using QGIS.If I select the shapefile in the gdalwarp command line, QGIS reads it but there are no attributes (and no features in the view). The GeoTIFF file was made with ArcGIS.How to do it?A:gdal_translate -of GTiff yourshapefile.shp yourshapefile.tifQ:jquery selector not working with button inside a div?I'm trying to make a function that hides and shows a div on click of a button 2be273e24d


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