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Pook Toasted Coconut Chips

Thai Coconuts are amazing, a rich source of the 'good for your kind' of fats, protein, fiber and minerals. It's no wonder they are known as the 'three of life' to the thai people. And in the unique form of my naturally sweet & savory coconut chips, they become a delicious and versatile whole food snack that tastes great and is still nutritious for you. It really is a superfood that can stave off that nagging hunger while nourishing that much needed energy ! And oh yeah, cannot forget it is perfect to add to your other favorites like outmeal, yougurt, smoothies, salads and much much more.. Yummy !!

Pook offer three different flavours: Mango Sea salt, Chocolate Sea Salt and Original sea Salt.

And finally, don't forget to enjoy it !

with love,



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